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Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne is developing an all new website to be released soon! For more information about our Organization, Services, Events or to make Donations, please contact Pam Lunsford at: info@christchildfw.org Mailing Address: Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne P.O. Box 12708 Fort Wayne, IN 46864 For over 100 years, the Christ Child Society has been devoted to improving the lives of children in need. The Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne is a charitable organization of volunteers of many denominations devoted to serving at-risk children regardless of race or creed. "Nothing is ever too much to do for a child." Thank you for your interest in the mission and work of the Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne. We believe the life of a child is a promise for the future, but for many children, their future is at risk. Christ Child Society volunteers throughout Fort Wayne reaching out to teach, motivate and care for children and mentor young mothers in ways that best respond to the unique needs of their communities. What remains the same throughout the country is the desire to infuse each act of service with the love of Christ, seeing in each child served, the Christ Child Himself. We welcome those interested in joining our efforts by becoming a member or by contributing much needed resources to increase the number of children we can serve and futures we can help save. Please don't hesitate to contact us to take the next step! Email us at info@christchildfw.org

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